The Call

Call to Action

All over the world, millions and millions of civic organisations and movements play an essential role in our societies, improving the lives of our communities and promoting citizens’ participation. They advocate, campaign and act to provide effective access to fundamental human rights for all.

Socio-economic, cultural, civil, political, environmental rights of millions and millions of men, women, children, as well as the defence of nature and the commons are made more and more effective by the daily commitment of civil society organisations’ members.

The role of independent civil society organisations is recognised by the UN and by the international law, by the European Union legislation and by all democratic national Constitutional laws as an essential element of democracy.

Nevertheless, all over the world, many civic activists and rights defenders have sacrificed and still are sacrificing their freedom and even their lives because of their civic commitment. Also, our everyday work is becoming more and more difficult.

In Europe too, we face rising obstacles to advocate for better policies or deliver the needed services that make access to rights a reality and ensure no one is left behind.

States increasingly fail to guarantee the rights of their citizens. This is all the more so for foreign residents, migrants and refugees. Yes, we take pride in acting for rights for all the people, against the numerous and diverse obstacles put on the road!

Civil society and its involvement have become an obstacle for a significant number of governments, rather than a constant partner and the basis for their legitimacy. Yes, we are active citizens and we take pride in organising and participating in citizens’ collective actions as the real essence of democracy.

Our work is increasingly under attack in many European countries today, through smear campaigns and legal harassment. Solidarity is criminalised, freedom of association and expression are becoming more limited and even repressed. Yes, we take pride in resisting, as by playing our role we defend people’s interests and democracy as a whole.

From December 5th, Civic Pride Days all around Europe 
With our diversity, across our various national and local contexts, we will mobilise to say:

We are proud of our work that makes our world and our society better!

Hands off human rights, democracy, civic participation and civic space!

No to criminalisation of civic activism and social solidarity!

Yes to freedom of association, expression and assembly!

We shall mobilise citizens to express

their support to the cause of rights and democracy for all
and their solidarity to our actions.

We will call institutions to fully recognise and support our work

Download the call

Find the call in your own language and spread it among your constituencies and communities
to increase the participation at Civic Pride days.
In case your language is missing from the list, please contact us contact[@]


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