You can find all the necessary material to take part in the Civic Pride

Download our toolkit, our visual elements, prepare a press release to communicate about your planned activities on Civic Pride days!

Logo and graphic elements

Whatever the action you will undertake, get our customised material and show your Pride!

A protester with a megaphone - credit:Clem Onojeghuo

The logo

Civic Pride, because we shall be proud of what we do!

The slogan

We believe in a civil society that stands for Equality, Solidarity and Democracy

For social media

Everything you need for your social media is here. Get it and customise your accounts.

The Poster

Download the poster, customise it and print it!
Time to show your pride

A Do It Yourself kit

Just as the poster, you can download a Facebook banner, a picture for your Instagram account and customise it with your own messages!


How to get involved in the Civic Pride

Find out the different ways for you and your organisation to contribute to Civic Prideby taking our toolkit

Press release template

Communicate about the mobilisation in your country

Design the press release according to your own needs and let the media know about the upcoming mobilisation. For more information about it, do not forget to download the toolkit.

Social networks

Engage your constituencies via social media. Do not wait until the D-day, start communicating before and keep on mobilising after 5 December.

The mobilisation's hashtag is #CivicPride. All pictures and posts shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) will be visible online on the Activities' page.

Missing ideas for messages? It is simple, you just need the toolkit for some tips on how to draft impactful messages.