On December 8,
Join "Civic Pride"
all around Europe

Be part of the action

The unprecedented crisis that hit the whole world in the last months revealed how much SOLIDARITY means to us.
We can collectively be proud of it.

Why Civic Pride

Civil society is playing
a key role to provide
a response in this crisis.

The Civic Pride wants to give visibility to your actions, either individual or collective, concerning the present crisis and to show that tomorrow be better than yesterday was.


Many of us many have found creative ways to be useful to their communities, to offer social and cultural tools against isolation, to volunteer for providing support to the weak and vulnerable which often happen to be the poorest.
Let us know what you did and what you are doing.

What are your lessons?

Share a picture, a video of what you learnt in the past months.
Here are our key takeaways, which you can use for inspiration.